Live Stream Church

WordPress Plugin documentation


Channel ID

This is the id of your channel.
Example: UCnYkupD770pkObvr6BzImVA

To get your channel ID follow these steps:
1 – Go to any video of your church
2 – Click on your username
3 – Now copy the last part of the URL after “channel/”

Offline video ID

This video will be shown when you are not live.

To get your offline video ID follow these steps:
1 – Go to any video you like to show as offline message.
2 – Copy the last part of the url after “v=”


Logo URL

This is the default logo on the left top corner.
Default size: 196x18px

Logo mini URL

This is logo is a mini logo shown under the video
Default size: 48x48px

Streaming Title

Title of the streaming.

General Description

Long description text for the streaming.

Donate link

People will be send to this link when they click on donate button.