Make Google Photo Album Public

If you are using images from your Google Album in your Website you will be able to see the pictures but your visitors will see an error.

This is because the album is private and you are only logged to see the photos.

The only solution is to make the album public with the following steps:

  • Open your browser and go to 
  • Enter to the album that you want to use in WordPress.
  •  At the top, clickon the icon
  • Select options
  • Make sure that the option Share is active.

In case the last change is not working, it will be necessary to download the images and upload agian to wordpress.

In order to do it we have to do it:

  • Open Chrome incognito and check our website to detect what images are not working.
  • Go to the normal Chrome browser and load the same page.
  • Right click over the images
  • Save as,
  • Download
  • Finally we need to go to the page and re-upload the image to WordPress as we do in any normal post.


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