Should I Get Cheaper or Nulled Themes?

There are many websites that are offering cheaper price for a theme compared with the original price from the oficial website of the author or Envato.

Some of the websites that are doing it try to cover their action saying that those themes are under GPL license.

We discourage to get those themes in order to avoid many problems.

The first reason is to be grateful to the author for his creation and the time he spent on it.

The second reason is to get support from the author when it is needed.

Finally, and the most important point, is to avoid security problems in our website.

Most of the themes and plugins that you can find on not official websites, may content injected code that will create serious problems in your website. For example, with a little portion of code added to the theme, it is possible to get full access to all the content of your website and your database.

If you don’t want to risk, we advice you to always choose original products downloading from official websites.



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