#Top 1 WordPress Hosting

As web developers with more than 10 years of experience with WordPress we were using all the hosting companies that you can imagine. After so many headaches we give thanks to G-d for finding the best company ever for WordPress.

When you work with a hosting company that you can trust, then you can enjoy your work ūüôā

Bellow we write the main features of A2 Hosting as best WordPress hosting option:

  1. Affordable price.
  2. SSH access (very easy).
  3. Top level support (they answer very fast via tickets or chat )
  4. Very easy to cancel the plan (with other companies you will find problems to cancel your plan).
  5. Great memory resources (not PHP issues or error issues).
  6. Few websites per server (they don’t kill the server with 1 million websites to make more money).
  7.  Cpanel access (it loads in a new window, other hostings load it only in a frame).
  8. Temporal URLs are working (in other hosting they cancel it).
  9.  Free full backups (other hostings charge you for the backups).
  10.  Great website and control panel (you only access to 1 system and there you have access to your invoices, plans, link to cpanel, etc).
  11. WordPress install 1 click (and many other software scripts).
  12. WordPress package with speed optimization plugins (other hostings charge for it).
  13.  Free website builder (other companies charge you for it).
  14.  Git version control.
  15. Cloudflare integration.
  16. Unlimited resources.
  17. And so on…



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