WordPress Maintenance Service

A WordPress maintenance service helps us to save money. There are many malicious robots constantly scanning websites for vulnerabilities and most of them are targeting WordPress websites. It is impossible to stop them but it is possible to take the right measures to avoid those attacks.

When a website is hacked, it is possible to recover it, but we risk to lose information and we need to pay to someone to solve it urgently. These kind of services are expensive. Also our visitors will notice what happened to our website because most of times the hackers are adding malicious images or malware code.

From technical point of view, there are many measures to be applied to protect our WordPress websites. As for example: taking periodical backups, updating WordPress, updating Plugins, protecting wp-admin, blocking countries where we don’t have customers, etc.

A WordPress maintenance service helps us to earn money. Did you notice how many websites are outdated without any interesting information. According the tests, your visitors will decide to stay or leave your website in few seconds. But besides staying in your website, you want to connect with them, you want to get their email or contact information. There are many ways to make it possible and it requires different A/B tests to understand what method performs better. If you don’t do it, you’ll have a website that is not producing any benefit to you.

At same time when you keep adding content and features to your website then Google will increase the indexing priority for your website. It will be reflected on the search ranking and eventually it will start to bring you more visitors if you apply the right SEO strategy.

There are many companies offering maintenance services for WordPress, but you need to choose a company that is going to take care of your website as a precious gem. I’m saying that because some companies are using automatic scripts and software that are doing backups and updates of WordPress in a bulk, and they just charge you for that service, they don’t really take care of every aspect of your site.

After all, you should hire a wp maintenance service that you really trust. This person or company that you know you can always count on while you are concentrated in other aspects of your online business.


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